SS23 Trend Forecast


The past few weeks have been overflowing with never-ending 2023 trend predictions. So much to the point where every future trend and possible resurgence has been covered. In the post-covid world some people predict a “recession-core” where designers tone it down in a minimalistic way. Others are forecasting a maximalist era. It is almost as if the fashion field is split into two. As we look ahead to the trends of SS23, it’s clear that fashion and style will continue to evolve and adapt in both directions.

One trend that is gaining momentum is the use of bold colors and prints. This stretches from the Tumblr galaxy print of the 2010s, as seen in the Dior men’s AW23 runway, to abstract graphic designs and bold monochrome. These designs add a dynamic and interesting element to clothing and accessories, both eye-catching and unique. Today’s fashion is all about finding a balance when incorporating colors and patterns into your looks. A patterned or brightly colored phone case might just be the way to go, a subtle yet stylish accessory.

On the other hand, minimalism has experienced a resurgence in popularity in our post-covid society. People no longer feel the need to flaunt their extravagant lifestyles. In some ways this goes hand in hand with the rising awareness of sustainability. This leads capsule wardrobes and conscious choices towards more timeless fashion trends, as a backlash of overconsumption. Brands are now looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact. At Nudient we have recently announced the partnership with #tide ocean material® to collect and recycle plastic bottles from the ocean for every case sold, while also using recycled materials in our products.